Financial Planning

A plan serves as a map of where a client is now and where they want to go. Information such as spending, income, inflation, savings, and tax rates are harmonized in software to show net worth, cash flow projections, investment milestones, and essentially how close a client's hopes are to reality. The plan serves as a benchmark of where a client starts and, over time, a measurement tool of how far they have come.

Tax Planning

We work with clients to enhance their understanding and increase use of tax shelters including retirement accounts, college savings approaches, and health savings vehicles. Investment strategies are designed with an eye towards tax implications. Retirement income planning can be addressed proactively to minimize the tax bite over time from required minimum distributions.

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Financial Freedom Planning

Clients eventually seek the goal of making work optional. Though many enjoy their profession and aim to pursue some sort of work in their later years, there are tactical steps that can be taken to master financial independence. We dig deep into areas like social security optimization, income stream design, expense management, and health care planning to ensure that clients are on their way to a worry-free retirement.

Insurance and Employee Benefits Planning

Whether it is life, long term care, health, or homeowner's insurance, policies in these areas can be rather complex.  Though we do not sell insurance products, clients review best practices in these areas to ensure they understand current insurance levels and gaps that they might have. Employers may offer many resources that employees do not fully understand such as disability insurance, legal benefits, and company stock ownership plans.